So, you want to start streaming, what's next? Deciding that you want to become a streamer can be a daunting journey. What equipment do I need, what games should I play, do I need a website, what social media platforms should I use, what streaming platform should I use? The list of questions can feel endless, but don't fret! By planning ahead and taking things one step at a time, you can set yourself up for success!

  • Plan out your "brand"

    • Decide on a stream or brand name​

      • This includes deciding on what the topic of your brand/stream will be; specific games, specific genres of games, specific topics, specific groups of topics, or a true variety stream​

    • Come up with a couple of logo options (run these 

    • Secure your social media handles; Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, etc.; if having a website is in your plans, secure your domain name as well, e.g.,

  • Plan out your equipment

    • Things you will generally need for streaming;

      • Desktop computer​ with keyboard, mouse, and monitor(s)

      • Hard-wired Ethernet connection to your Internet modem/router (we do not recommend using a wifi connection to stream)

      • Webcam

      • Microphone (while a separate microphone will give you the best overall sound, you can certainly start off using a webcam witl a built-in mic)

      • Lighting

      • Desk

      • Chair (make sure this is a comfortable chair, as you'll most likely be sitting in it for hours at a time)

  • Go LIVE!